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     I've been dealing with an injury for about 2 years and have seen numerous physical therapy facilities. Most facilities are packed and just do the basics then get you out asap. SSR actually takes the time to focus on getting you better. There is a lot to be said when the owners take their time to make sure they work with you and make sure you're progressing. Hands down this has been the best experience. I've been going for over a month and Matt, Brooke, Ryan, Roger and all the staff have been super helpful and know their stuff. The facility is clean and has all the latest equipment. All in all the best experience and best results I've had. A huge thank you to all the hard working folks at SSR. Highly recommended!!!

                                                                             - Sergio C.


     My experience at this facility was amazing. Ryan and everyone that works here really do care about your progression and are super nice. I had a total of 6 sessions and each and every session, I always felt a sense of improvement each time. I hurt my lower back at work and Ryan worked with me and emphasized the importance of strengthening my core; which indeed he did. I definitely would recommend this facility to anyone.


                                                           - Angelica E.

     I’ve been coming to SSR for physical therapy of my upper and lower extremities. I found them through yelp and I was not disappointed. Roger and Ryan are excellent physical therapists in their performance. They do their own stretches and massages for every patient they have. They don’t assign them to their assistants unlike the other physical therapies I’d been to for many years. They’re very patient in treating me. They have no time limit. They talk to me about my pain and recommend procedures to do at home. I could be there for over an hour and leave with less or no pain at all. They’re more of quality, not quantity. Their assistants are very helpful, knowledgeable and responsible, too. Mark, Kevin, Anthony, Danielle, Vanessa, I commend you for your outstanding jobs. SSR is lucky to have you. Keep up the excellent service SSR. I’m blessed to have found you.

                                                                               - Lilia S.


     Roger has helped my recovery from back surgery tremendously. I was pretty much one big knot, all my surrounding muscles had atrophied and were in protection mode. Roger and his staff knew exactly where and what to do to relax the muscles. After the first treatment the relief was immediate! As I progress I can feel the difference. I can honestly say that without hesitation I would recommend Sports Specific Rehab. I'm looking forward to feeling better and healthy again. Awesome job guys, if I ever need PT you know where I'll be, SSR

                                                                                 - GT G.

     My daughter Majesty, came here after a left ankle sprain. Staff is very professional and caring. Safety measures are in place such as temperature checks, masks and sanitizing. Several different therapies were used and really helped with the pain and inflammation to get her back to basketball quickly. Thank you!!!                                                    

                                                                  - Christina C.

        As a health care professional, Sports Specific Rehab was the right choice for my shoulder rotator cuff rehab. I am a senior and I am trying to avoid surgery and a hard recovery that may not have had a positive outcome. Roger and Ryan and the young men and women of SSR did an awesome job rehabbing my 1.2cm full-thickness tear of my supraspinatus tendon. The facility is well maintained and the staff are friendly and helpful. The massage, therapy, exercise and drills worked great for me. The staff were very encouraging and guided me through a difficult rehab. I will recommend SSR to my family and friends.

                                                                             - Fred C.

         SSR by far the BEST rehab place in the IE. 3 years ago injured my right arm during the CrossFit open. Unable to receive effective treatment to rehab a sports injury. Ended up seeing multiple health care providers along with physical therapy, a cortisone shot later ....the pain and the inability to use my arm was still there. My husband came across this AMAZING place.

I'm am so GRATEFUL for SSR Ryan, Roger, Kevin, Mark, Les, Paolo & the entire SSR team not only have treated the injury, they have implemented a maintenance plan to aid in managing the daily grind of working out 4-5 days a week. I have come back stronger and healthier to CrossFit/weightlifting. My Weightlifting Numbers have increased. I could not be more happier with my SSR family
I highly recommend SSR for physical therapy. Thank you  recovery is life

                                                                                -Nichole W.

        This place is by far one of the best physical rehab facilities I have ever been to. I have worked with many physical therapists, growing up with a disability and being as active as I am, and I have never experienced more relief after appointments as I have with Sports Specific Rehab. I am currently training for the Paralympics and used to live/train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and I get more relief after a session at SSR than I did with sports rehab at the OTC. I highly recommend Sports Specific Rehab to everyone.

                                                                     -Ryen R.

              Injured my left Achilles and got some wicked plantar fasciitis while running back in November. Never had it taken care of, much less looked at, thinking it'll just go away soon. Fast forward 6 months and I was still limping around and aching just after standing for a couple of hours. I've been going to SSR the last few weeks and I have to say I seriously recommend this place to anyone!

Ryan, Roger and their staff are extremely helpful, professional and experienced. My foot is doing way better than before with the sessions and excercises, which are meant not only to rehabilitate but also strengthen my foot to prevent this crap from happening again! If you have any physical pain or discomfort, go to SSR and they'll fix you up

                                                                             -Mike P

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